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Job opportunities

The job opportunities are, on one hand, those corresponding to graduates in Business Administration and, on the other hand, those corresponding to Computer Science graduates. Moreover, those careers which require added skills acquired by joining both degrees.

Job opportunities corresponding to graduates on Business Administration and Management:
  • Consultant in Finance and Investment
  • Market analyst
  • Advisor prosecutor
  • Auditor
  • Commercial director and expert in marketing
  • Expert in Accounting
  • Management and business administration, public organizations and non-profit institutions.

Job opportunities corresponding to graduates on Computer Engineering:
  • Designer and Developer of software
  • Technological and functional consultant in information systems
  • Developer of policies and technologies in network security and information systems
  • Management of communication networks, databases and computer systems
  • Director of integration projects and information systems.

More job opportunities resulting of the integration of both disciplines:
  • Creation of an own business with technological basis and consultancy on entrepreneurship
  • Director of computer services of a company
  • ERP consultant
  • Marketing manager involving  the implanting of CRM, and  introduction of ICT in the commercial area
  • Programmer of internal applications in various functional areas of the company
  • Auditor, consultant, designer and integrator of technological solutions to the enterprise
  • Director of a technological company